Hashigawa Setsuko


Verbs: Coax/Move/Hack 3, Shoot/Prowl/Treat 2, Fight/Detect/Operate 1
Persistent, Intuitive, Authoritative
Connections: Dr. Toru Fujikawa (Splice), Eri-tan (Shark), Nana Terada
Gear: Headjack (Cerebral input, experimental, linked, nervelinked, optical splice, cochlear splice, encruption, firewall), Reflex Stimulators (nervelink, quick, reflexive), Stinger pistol (small), Medkit (linked, bandages, stims).


Born to a connected Nationalist political family. Diagnosed with a degenerative neural disorder at an early age. Her family flew her to Korea for experimental treatment with cutting edge nervous system augmentations; when this came out in the Japanese press, the scandal threatened to derail her father’s career, and rather than take the fall himself, he disowned Setsuko. Currently trying to make ends meet and foot the ever-increasing medical bill for her implants. To what woeful depths shall his former ojou-sama sink? </drama~>

Hashigawa Setsuko

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