William Sharp


Verbs: Coax 2, Detect 3, Fight 1, Hack 2, Move 1, Operate 4, Prowl 1, Shoot 3, Treat 1

Adjectives: +:Quick, +:Logical, +:Persistent

Connections: Daigorou Oka (outstanding loan for 10 Kreds, +:Affectionate), Eri-tan, Samuel Eisenberg

Gear: Glock Slimline (small), Razer Livewire (display, gesture input, linked, sound), Lockheed C-211 (cargo, ducted fans, low signature, passengers, thrusters)


Bounce is a former military aviator who joined the service to get out of a really horrible small town somewhere in Midwest America. He’s come a long way since then, and he’s still not looking back. His cornfed build and short blonde hair are distinguishing traits not often seen in Japan. He carries himself with the precision of an ex-military man who can’t quite let go of the life. His lucky numbers are 7, 11, 21 and 42. He currently makes his living by delivering packages and passengers to their desired locations in a discreet and expeditious manner, sometimes over very long distances.

William Sharp

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