Tang Zhi Lin


Tang Zhi Lin
Verbs: Coax 2 Detect 3 Fight 1 Hack 3 Move 2 Operate 1 Prowl 3 Shoot 1 Treat 2
Positive: Savvy, Ruthless, Charming
Samuel Eisenberg
Eri-Tan (Shark) Adjective: Respectful
Nana Terada
Hashigawa Setsuko
Stinger Pistol
Cyberear (Matched Pair, High Frequency)


Zhi Lin grew up the daughter of a wealthy Shanghai businessman of dubious morals. She received an excellent education, and rose through the ranks of the prestigious company than owned her father’s own financial holding group. She, married, bought a home, enjoyed the fruits of a shallow squabbling upper class. Unfortunately, amidst Zhi Lin’s rise, her father was arrested for fraud and embezzlement.

Her company saw her as a liability and embarrassment, and her father’s corporate and underworld rivals saw her as a problem to be nipped in the bud, threatening her with blackmail and extortion. Seeing the way the wind was blowing, her husband left her. It grew impossible for her to continue living in China, and so, with mobsters on her heels, she fled overseas.

Japan was a nation in decline, struggling to recover from economic collapse and wounded pride. It was far cheaper to live in than Shanghai, or Korea or Taiwan for that matter, so she settled in Yokohama Chinatown, less out of any desire to live among those who spoke her tongue (she already knew a good bit of Japanese, and picked up the rest quickly) than to cope with the intense xenophobia and authoritarianism of the country’s ultra-nationalist government. Still she endured. She knew a good bit of her father’s “tricks of the trade,” and found work with some of the numerous local organizations that talked about “perfectly legitimate establishments” and the application of hygienic standards to money.

Tang Zhi Lin

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