Sachiko Nakamura



ADJECTIVES: shrewd, direct, artistic*

coax 3
detect 2
fight 2
hack 2
move 2
operate 1
prowl 2
shoot 1
treat 3

CONNECTIONS: Terada “redc@t” Nana, Shishido Jin, Dr. Fujikawa (splice favor), Samuel Eisenberg
GEAR: Headjack w/optical connection (5 kreds), medkit (3 kreds), knife (2 kreds)



(Pictured above: Sophie Makita [a client], left; Nakamura Sachiko, right)

Nakamura Sachiko was once a reasonably successful J-Pop artist in her own right with a contract with Avex and everything. However, she dropped off the scene shortly after her two-year contract with the entertainment mogul had expired, baffling fans and detractors alike. She surfaced again five years later as the executive manager of the independent label Dark Horse Records, which she has taken from the edge of bankruptcy to the black for the first time in her twelve years as manager of client accounts. To this day, she has given no public reason for her career change, but she has a knack for finding talent among natives and foreigners with equal alacrity.

Sachiko is an attractive Japanese woman in her mid-thirties, considered by most to be disconcertingly direct and a little bit on the temperamental side. She is somewhat cold and blunt, very businesslike, when dealing with strangers and corporate entities. However, those who know her well are aware that she will do whatever she can to get her clients the best deals possible, and few know this better than the up-and-coming girls’ nu-punk band Seventh Seal Now!.

Sachiko’s office is a small and rather dingy affair attached to Dark Horse’s solitary recording studio. It is clean, however, and on the walls are posters of her album //Rainfall// and various other bits of memorabilia from her more successful clients.

1. Dreamcamp –
2. Rain –
3. Tell Me –
4. Love Love Love –
5. Under Your Waves –
6. Shadow of Love –
7. Cupid –
8. Tears and Rainbows –
9. Cut Me Free –
10. Nothing’s Gonna Take My Love –
(Hidden Track: Africa – )

Sachiko Nakamura

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