Jin Shishido


Verbs: Coax 2, Detect 1, Fight 3, Hack 2, Move 2, Operate 1, Prowl 3, Shoot 2, Treat 2
Adjectives: Brutal, Creative, Patient
Connections: Dr. Toru Fujikawa, Junichi “Johnny” Gotou, Daigorou Ota (loyal), Sachiko Nakamura
Gear: Steyr TMP (armor-piercing, burst-fire, laser-sight, small, stolen), Reinforced Suit (impact armor, stylish), Executive Outboard Interface by LG (display, gesture imput, linked, sound)
Push Dice: 3


Jin Shishido is proof that sometimes, your life just sucks. Born to a Korean businessman and a geisha bar worker, Jin grew up in moderate comfort but largely ignored. His single outlet was music, first shamisen from one of his mother’s coworkers, then the piano, and then eventually turntables and mixers. By the time he was in his late teens, Jin was spending every night canvassing the club scene, trying to find band mates. By his early twenties, Jin was a member of a glitchcore synthrock band, outSiDE, and looked primed to go national.

The record label had other ideas. The band’s frontman was scooped up as a solo act, changed his name, and legally dropped all ties with the fledgling band. Masahiro, their drummer, decided the best answer to the debts was to shoot himself. Left as the only person whom the companies could now come after for the loans the band had made for gear and publications, Jin turned everywhere, anywhere for the money. The Arakawa-rengokai were all too happy to have a respectable face earnestly asking for work.

It’s been six years now. Jin is working as a relatively low-level brother in the family. He does some fairly questionable things for decent pay. The debts have finally been cleared, and his own life is now slowly starting to come together. The frontman now uses his original name, and has gone from doing singles and music videos to scoring television shows and ad jingles. Jin sometimes wonders who got the worse deal.

With his well-tailored, pressed gray suit and trendy blond highlights, Jin looks like he could be a rising executive somewhere. He speaks in calm, reserved tones, and is given to bouts of introspection, is slow to come around to trusting people, and is completely without reservations about his work. His hobbies include seeing live music, catching Interface period dramas, watching baseball and puroresu at SUPERSLAM!!! (his first job was washing dishes there, at thirteen), and punching the concrete wall of his trendy Harajuku apartment until his knuckles bleed or the poster of his old bandmates falls down.

Jin Shishido

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